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Civil Litigation
“Civil Litigation” is a catch all term used to describe a broad range of cases in which the plaintiff seeks compensation or other relief for injuries to person or property. These include personal injury claims, wage and employment disputes, restraining order requests, and property damage claims, among others.

The Jellins Group attorneys have more then thirty years combined experience in civil litigation. We will evaluate your case through a neutral evaluation of the facts and law, followed by a proposal setting forth a plan of action designed to efficiently manage the matter to its conclusion. While we cannot guarantee a specific outcome, we commit to help you to make the best decision under the circumstances known at the time.

We offer a half hour “no strings attached” consultation on general civil litigation matters for $150.00. During the consultation we will answer your questions about the case, suggest further legal or factual investigation and provide recommendations on your strategy to bring the case to a successful conclusion. If we undertake your representation, then we will credit the consultation fee towards your bill.