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Estate Planning and Probate Litigation
Probate Litigation covers a broad range of cases involving the right to receive property or its value following the death or disability and of another including:

  • Court proceedings to administer the estate of a person who dies or becomes disabled without an estate plan, such as a living trust, or a person who dies leaving a will.
  • The administration of a living trust, with or without court supervision, when the creator dies, becomes incompetent, or a dispute arises over the trustee’s management.
  • Disputes between the beneficiaries of a will, trust, or other decedent’s estate.
    Conservatorship proceedings for adults who can no longer manage their affairs.
  • Guardianship proceedings for minors where the parents are no longer able to care for their children and/or where independent oversight of a minor’s finances is indicated.
  • Minor emancipation proceedings where a child gains the rights and privileges of an adult before the age of eighteen.

The Jellins Group provides a full range of trust and estate administration services, including stale and problem estates. Estates become state when probate proceeds are not commenced within a few months of a person’s death. Problem estates generally involve multiple, inconsistent, or incorrect estate planning documents and/or questions regarding the decedent’s ownership of property.
Our approach to probate and estate litigation seeks to:

  • Avoid administrative delays and mismanagement of estate assets.
  • Provide innovative and forward-looking strategies to resolve potential conflicts between family members, beneficiaries, administrators, trustees, and creditors.
  • Counsel our clients on the effect of their decisions on the family and others interested in the matter.

We provide estate planning services to efficiently distribute your property according to your wishes following death and to conserve the estate during incapacity. Unlike some firms, we understand that not everyone needs a living trust. Depending on the nature and extent of your property, your best choice may be a simpler and  less expensive will or advance health care directive.

The Jellins Group can design a custom estate plan for any estate, often for a flat fee. Please contact us for a quote on the creation of your estate plan.